“We used First Sight’s eyeglass kit to test and fit 175 women and children with glasses.  The kit was easy to use and we were able to train two Ugandan women, so that they could continue providing this eyeglass services even after Project Have Hope’s volunteers returned to the United States.”

“First Sight’s eye kits are a great solution to making basic vision a reality for so many families in the Acholi Quarter in Uganda.  Thanks for creating such a great product!”

Karen Sparacio, President & Founder-Project Have Hope, Inc.


“Your donation of eye glasses made a significant impact in the community of Flores, Honduras.  For many people, it was the first eye exam they had or the first pair of glasses they owned.  Offering people the gift of sight was such a heart-warming experience.  People were simply in awe of being able to read their bibles and other materials, and to see friends at a distance.”

Emily Collins-Esperanza-Hope for the Children, Inc.


“This company offers a simple and effective way to provide eye care to rural areas of the country…Working with First Sight kit I found it was relatively easy to issue eyeglasses for people who have minor single farsightedness, near sightedness or astigmatism.  This kit would be a wonderful tool to serve the poor and individuals who have no other access to improved vision.”

Diana Ruskamp, Healthcare Educator-Peace Corps Voluteer, Guyana