WHO Vision Barriers



World Health Organization in its extensive studies, identified  “Six Barriers To Effectively Treat Refractive Errors”. The study shows that these SIX important barriers must be overcome.

  1. Accurate, Reliable Testing: First Sight’s Clinical Trials show that “100% of visual acuity problems were corrected to 20/20”.
  2. Minimal Requirements for Electricity: First Sight’s simple process requires no electricity.
  3. Mobile: First Sight is 100% mobile and can be set up in any environment.
  4. Sufficient Training of Staff: First Sight is so simple to use; any staff can be trained in 15 minutes.
  5. Cost Effective: First Sight costs as little as US$4.75 – for vision screening frames and lenses.
  6. Suitable for Children: First Sight is suitable for both children and adults.

First Sight solves all six of The World Health Organization’s identified “Barriers to Effectively Treat Refractive Errors”