Our Partners & FREE Eyeglasses

Free Eyeglasses and testing: First Sight’s mission is to provide free visual screening and eyeglasses to millions of children and adults in the developing countries of Africa, South East Asia and Central/South America.

The First Sight solution helps to promote increased educational opportunities and better economic conditions. It provides a simple, low- tech, cost-effective process for eye examination and eye glasses for millions of children and adults suffering with poor vision. The goal of First Sight is to take this simple solution to various impoverished and developing regions of the world and to give eyesight to millions of children and adults who need our help.

Our Partners: First Sight partners with local non-governmental agencies (NGO’s), health clinics, faith-based organizations, civic organizations like the Rotary International, The Nebraska Medical Center, Creighton University, University of Utah, Opportunity Education Foundation and many local schools to make First Sight eyeglasses available to the neediest communities. We are constantly identifying new partners to help us reach our goals of providing free eyeglasses to the deserving recipients.

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