The World Health Organization’s six identified “Barriers to Effectively Treat Refractive Errors”  of (i) Accurate, Reliable Testing, (ii) Minimal Requirements for Electricity, (iii) Mobile, (iv) Sufficient Training of Staff, (v) Cost Effective, (vi) Suitable for Children, are all effectively addressed by First Sight.

Refractive errors can be easily diagnosed, measured and corrected with First Sight eyeglasses, “Correction of refractive errors is a simple and cost-effective intervention in eye care,” said Dr. Serge Resnikoff, coordinator of the chronic disease prevention and management unit with the World Health Organization. “Now that we know the extent of the problem of uncorrected refractive errors, especially in low and middle income countries, we must re-double our efforts to ensure that every person who needs help is able to receive it.”

First Sight solutions promote sustainable increased educational opportunities and better economic conditions. It provides a simple, low tech, cost-effective process for eye examination and eye glasses for millions of children and adults suffering with poor vision.

First Sight provides immediate impact – patients are treated on the spot and can happily walk away with a pair of customized eyeglasses in 15 minutes! Improved eyesight makes it possible for children to go to school and adults to enjoy productive lives immediately. When people are empowered to have good eyesight, they are transformed and can often start leading healthy and productive lives.

  • First Sight process does not require any electricity to perform a complete eye exam.
  • No specialized training or expensive equipment is needed to accurately measure and correct refractive errors.
  • An average person, with no formal training, can perform an eye exam and fit prescription eyeglasses on a patient in fifteen minutes.
  • There is no need for grinding or modifying lenses or frames – prescription lenses just pop-in the frames.
  • The kit includes everything (lenses, frames, testing equipment and instructions).
  • The kit is easy to transport and weighs less than 9 lbs. (4kg.).
  • A pair of First Sight custom-fitted eyeglasses cost US$4.75.
  • Refractive errors make up the largest percentage of overall vision problems, but yet, it is the easiest of all vision impairments to treat, and is also one of the most cost-efficient of eye care interventions.