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Welcome to First Sight
Empowering Lives Through Vision Jambo and Karibuni!

Hello! My name is Nizar Mamdani. I was born in a small town in Tanzania. I was educated in Tanzania and in Japan.  Along with my wife, Marsha Mamdani, Ph.D., we established First Sight LLC, a a philanthropic organization to address the very dire and urgent need for affordable vision care in developing regions.
During my work with the University of Nebraska Medical Center/Nebraska Medicine (UNMC) where I was the Executive Director and the founder of International Healthcare for 20 years, I visited more than 220 healthcare institutions in 57 countries and concluded strategic partnership programs with 122 institutions in 44 countries. We provided effective healthcare training to our international healthcare partners and treated hundreds of international patients.
Through these travels, we recognized the acute need for widespread access to affordable eyecare. This realization led to the inception of First Sight LLC; a philanthropic organization and a beacon of hope, dedicated to revolutionizing global vision care by providing accessible eyewear solutions. Tens of thousands of First Sight’s high-quality eyeglasses have already been distributed in 30 countries. Click Here
Check out the impact First Sight has made to thousands of children and adults in 30 countries. With you help. We can continue our earnest efforts to provide the gift of Sight to thousand more in the enveloping world.

3 Steps

Why Choose First Sight?

Overcoming WHO-Identified Barriers to Vision Correction

First Sight is a low-tech, fool—proof, high impact, five-step process affording the following advantages:

Proven Method

Clinically validated at the University of Nebraska Medical Center


Non-professionals can perform visual screening and fitting of prescription


Deliver prescription eyeglasses and just 10 minutes.


Can be used in any venue, indoors or outdoors

Addressing the Global Vision Crisis

Good eyesight is a fundamental universal necessity, and its absence affects families and communities on a large scale.

Overcoming WHO Identified Barriers to Vision Correction

WHO identified 6 barriers to overcome this dire Vision Crisis facing so many communities.

Clinical Trial

The Department of Ophthalmology at the University of Nebraska Medical Center (UNMC) conducted rigorous tests to determine the accuracy and effectiveness of the First Sight process and techniques

Tens of thousands of First Sight’s high-quality eyeglasses have already been distributed in 30 countries.

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