First Sight partners with local non-governmental agencies (NGOs), faith-based institutions and local school systems to make its glasses available in the neediest communities.

Funding: To reach our goals, we are seeking to obtain funds from grants, foundations, faith-based institutions and other charitable organizations.

With your contribution to First Sight, you can be assured that you are empowering a youngster with a gift that can change every aspect of his or her life.

With your donation, you are placing the glasses on the eyes of a youngster who can now read the blackboard, learn and become a productive member of his community. You are providing the tools to overcome some of the disparity and inequality of his developing nation’s overburdened systems.

Together with First Sight, you will be able to place the glasses on a youngster for less than the cost of a cup of Starbuck’s coffee.  This may seem like a small way to help, but, to the individual who will now be able to receive an education and to provide for his family, this is indeed a life-altering gift.

By giving one individual at a time the tools her or she needs to succeed, you are positively contributing to the improvement of her life and to the betterment of her society and nation.

You, as a donor to First Sight, will be able to directly help a child or adult in developing areas of the world.  Your donation will be put to work procuring and distributing the First Sight eye glasses.

First Sight –  Low-Tech, Low-Price Eye Glasses that promote  productivity, a future and most of all HOPE – for that shy student in Guadalajara…a struggling adult in Senegal…or an impoverished child in Uganda…